February 1, 2018 | 5 Key Components of Success | Andrew Winnett

Have you noticed all that goes into launching a missile? It’s complicated. A missile has 5 components that are key to launching successfully.

The same could be said about you and your business. Here are 5 key factors everyone needs, to achieve the lift they want.

1. The Start Table (The Foundation)

The foundation you build upon is extremely important. Everyone needs a foundation that is stable because if you don’t build upon a rock solid platform, you’re not going to achieve the lift you need to get off the ground.

In our industry, insurance, there are a lot of companies that claim to be the best; and yet you see their agents burning out and crashing. They lack a strong foundation.

Ask yourself these few questions?

What kind of culture do I want to create in my business?

What skills do I need to develop or strengthen to go to the next level in success?

Am I remaining faithful with the little I have been given?

“If you can’t steward $1,000 correctly, how in the world are you going to steward a million?”

2. The Engine (The Systems)

It doesn’t take long to notice if you have a strong system supporting you. If you’re part of a faulty one, you’ll begin to notice things like: you’re having to work harder and harder to accomplish simple tasks, things slipping through the cracks, frustration building and you start to resent what you do or the people you work with. Maybe this has already been your experience.

Do you have systems in place in your business to simplify processes, so that you can focus on money making activities?  You will not experience rest when it’s time to rest if systems are not in place as they should be.

“It’s important to recharge your battery.”

3. The Fuel Tank (Desire, Drive and Commitment)

The fuel takes up most of the weight of a missile. And, each of us has a fuel tank. Filling your tank with the wrong type of fuel can be detrimental.

Do you know what’s fueling your desire, drive and commitment?

The impurity of the fuel typically comes in the form of a lie. Maybe it looks like: “My family’s always been poor so I will be too”, “I’ll never make $100,000 a year”, “I’ll never be able to afford a nice car”, “I won’t be able to give extravagantly and still have plenty to go around”.

What lies are we believing that we need to put an end to?

It only takes 1% to make the rest of the 99% impure. It only takes 1 lie to trip us up. It’s important that we put the right fuel in to propel us forward.

“It’s very important that the fuel we pour in our fuel tank is pure … ask yourself, what lies am I believing?”

4. The Warhead (Our Impact)

The whole point of a missile is to destroy the enemy. What is our enemy in our business? In our personal lives? Our enemy is not people; but the enemy of poverty.

We deal with a poverty mindset all the time. We tend to deal with a closed hand because we’re afraid of the uncertainty, or when the next unexpected might happened or when the next commission check might be coming.

Unfortunately, we struggle with this because of real hardships we’ve experienced in the past. And as time has passed we’ve become okay with this thinking.

Legacy Builders is destined to destroy poverty for our clients and for our agents. We’re on a war against poverty. We’re on a war against our old mindset. We need to break free from this stuff.

The size of your impact is determined by what you’re stewarding today and how you’re stewarding your finances today. It is our dream to impact millions of people and defeat poverty in their lives.

“When the pain of not changing is greater than the pains of changing, you’ll change.”

5. The Igniter (The Decision to Hit the Mark)

The igniter is this tiny little thing that when a massive amount of force is put on it, it ignites the missile. When you’re being launched into something, always be ready. Are you ready and prepared for what you are asking or praying for? Have you put in the hard work and the personal development?

We must make the decision that life will be different. There is preparation for a launch, but once there is ignition, launch is imminent.

One little decision can change the course of history. You can ignite a revival that can literally change the course of your life and that of millions of people.

“For every opportunity of a lifetime, there’s a lifetime to the opportunity.”