“Helping people protect their legacy all the while building ours”


Legacy Builders, the Nation’s first Self-Production Insurance Network Marketing Company,  was founded by Mike Passaglia and Andrew Winnett. Legacy Builders was birthed out of a desire to solve the problems in both the insurance and network marketing industry, and is founded on the core principles of honesty, integrity and family values. Click here to find out how.

With 30 years of experience in the insurance industry as a guide, a sophisticated training platform and system has been created to bring about the most success possible. The simple truth is, if you follow the programs and processes we teach you, and dedicate yourself to working your plan, it will be almost impossible for you to fail. Even though you are in business for yourself, you will never be in business by yourself. Much of our agent training is accomplished through online e-learning systems, so you can study at your own pace. Legacy Builders University will be a place for you to constantly expand your learning and understanding of the industry.


Our Mission Statement:

At Legacy Builders we believe:

In leaving a Legacy the right way,

To leave the industry of insurance better than we found it,

To become champions of the underdog agent,

To right whats been wronged within insurance,

To protect and prosper the agent,

To create an equal opportunity that impacts society as a whole,

To bring glory to Jesus as we protect millions of families, and as we empower hundreds of thousands of agents.