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Coronavirus Has Exposed Retirement Financial Land Mines

Written by: Andrew Winnett - April 29, 2020

If you’re like most people, you are somewhat, if not entirely, burned out on the whole coronavirus situation.

It’s understandable given the tsunami of confusing information directed at us over the past few weeks.

However, I advise you not to allow burnout to keep you from taking a closer look at how your finances fared during the pandemic. You need to look for weaknesses in your current money strategy and discover ways to eliminate those weak links. If you’re like most people, isolation, self-quarantine, and time off work gave you time to think about what matters most to you. You may have discovered how important it is to have...    READ MORE...

Has The Pandemic Made You Long For Safety?

Written by: Andrew Winnett - April 15, 2020

Has the pandemic made you long for safety? Why annuities are a perfect choice during and after COVID-19.

“Most investors consider the consistent rise in share price as a proxy for safety. Often not true!” ― A K Asnani

Writing this in a pandemic-impacted world, I realize that many of us are at a loss as to what is happening right now in the markets. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably looked at your statements and wondered if there is any good way to protect what remains of your wealth. After experiencing the recent wild mood swings on Wall Street, you want and need to build a fortress around your... READ MORE...

Why 5000+ Clients chose our Firm to Structure a Secure, Successful Retirement:

There are many strategies you could choose, when deciding how to properly invest your hard earned money. The market volatility, vast options, and high fees leave people feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and unsure what to do.

Clients come to our Financial Experts for:

  Individualized Strategy for your Investment - We specialize in creating a tailor-made Game Plan for your Assets. This is not a one-size-fits-all.

  Amazing Return without Market Risk - We don't gamble with out clients' money. We put their money to work within strategic financial vehicles where they earn on average 6-10% without worrying about losing money in a financial downturn.

  Zero Annual Fees - Unlike traditional wealth management firms that eat exorbitant amounts of fees (drawn from your money), our firm sets our clients up in strategic investments that do not require fees.

What does our Strategy Look Like:

Retirement Income

Having an additional source of income (besides Social Security) can assure whether you have a stressLESS (rather than stressful) retirement. Check with one of our Financial Experts to see if you qualify for this program.

Growth without Market Risk

Now more than ever, clients approaching their retirement years need to be aware of the Market risk and placed in vehicles that will assure growth without risk. 

Retirement Asset Protection

Our Financial Experts rollover  your retirement assets into products that will guarantee they do not lose money. In low market years, your money is protected against market losses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My Financial Advisor says he has a Strategy for my Retirement Assets. What makes your firm different?

Financial Advisors are often incentivized to keep your assets in the market due to high fees they obtain FROM your money. Our firm places you in long-term, secure investments that do not draw fees from your money (so you keep more of your retirement assets).

How much in taxes will I have to pay if I move my 401k or IRA?

None! We can easily roll over your 401k or IRA tax-deferred, meaning you will not pay any taxes now.

Why would I choose an Annuity instead of keeping/putting my money in the market?

With the strategies we implement, you will never lose money. You won't be tossed up and down by the market, which means no fear of withdrawing your money in a down market. There are also income strategies we can set up, so that your money is cash flowing for you in your retirement.

President & Founder, Andrew Winnett

After losing his father unexpectedly at the young age of 45, Andrew learned first hand some of the problems within the Financial Industry when Andrew's mother didn't receive an insurance benefit when she should have. Because of this great setback in Andrew's family, he has dedicated his career to solving all the problems within the Financial and Insurance Industry, so people don't have to experience what his family had to.

Because of his unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency, and always putting the client's needs first, Andrew started Legacy Builders which has gone on to help over 5,000 clients nationwide. His company Legacy Builders has been awarded as one of the fastest growing companies in North America by Heartland Financial and One Life America.

Who is Legacy Builders?

Legacy Builders is a Nationwide Financial Services company that specializes in Safe Retirement Strategy, Avoiding Taxes During Retirement, and Creating Your Own Pension that you can never outlive.  Our Home Office is in Franklin, TN.

Retirement Planning for People Playing “Catch Up”

Saving Hundreds of Thousands in Taxes During Retirement

Estate Planning

Creating Safe, Reliable Pension Programs

Helping Clients Earn 7-12% Yearly, without the Risk of any Loss

Unique Strategies for Maximizing Non-Profitable Giving

Annuities and Cash Value Life Insurance Strategies

5000 +

Clients Helped Nationwide

10+ Years

of Experience in Financial & Wealth Management

Top Rated

Wealth Management Firm by One Life America and Heartland Financial

Hear my Story:

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“Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Don’t forget rule No. 1”

Warren Buffett                  

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